Su Yuyang: Your life is

Born in a small city in Jiaodong, Shandong Province

After graduating from high school, entered university to study marketing

The junior learns filmmaking and often runs around the studio......


Looking at this brief life resume, it is how smooth a person's growth trajectory, as if it is talking about the future at the same table, the past of colleagues.

Follow this script to see the end at a glance.

But this is the trajectory of most people. Many people are bored or disliked, but they haven't had the courage to break it, and go around in a regular procedure.

People are not good at fighting against fate, and besides, it takes a lot of effort to be an ordinary person.


Let's look at another resume——

In April 2017, the first original single "Reunion" was launched in just 16 hours. NetEase Cloud Music Reviews soared to 999+. On the third day of launch, it ranked first in NetEase Cloud Music's list;


In November of the same year, the second single "Going to the Appointment" was launched, and the comment broke through 999+ again instantly, leaving many full-time musicians behind.


In 2018, he released his first album and began a national tour;


And the new song "Eleven Kinds of Solitude", as of April 2019, the entire network has more than 100 million views!

Yes, she is Su Yuyang.

The resume at the beginning of the article is also hers.

In many populations, she is an independent musician, a young lady who sings nicely, and a young slash.

When many people are still at a loss for their ideals, this cool young lady, with soberness and firmness far more than her peers, begins a brand-new journey in life again and again.

The major of study has nothing to do with music, but the idea of music has been surging in her head.

She tried to submit a resume to become an operations assistant for the Lu Xiansen band. Even if she only did some minor things at the beginning, she was regarded as a valuable opportunity to communicate with the musicians.

So even though her work is full of classes, filming, life and work, she is free to switch between these multiple identities and enjoys it.

Later, she took a bold step forward to music and began to write down her feelings to create.

"The happiest thing in creation is to resonate, like the encounter at the exit of a long tunnel"

She was dormant for a long time before being recognized

Before becoming famous, Su Yuyang was unknown, and almost no one knew who she was and what special thing she was doing.


At the age of 11, passing a street music store, Su Yuyang was fascinated by the sound of the guitar from the store. Six months later, she bought the first guitar with her lunch money and began to explore and study on her own.


At the age of 13, he tried to write the first song in his life; at the age of 19, he founded the school's guitar club.


When she was in college, she worked as a guitar dealer for a period of time. In a few years, she handled thousands of guitars. Every piece of it, she will do very careful maintenance.


She wrote in "Like a Teenager":

"I hope that in the future, no matter what you do, you can maintain a young heart, don't forget why you do what you are doing, and you can still fly in your own world like you did when you were a child."


It is conceivable that during her time as a guitar lover, she was persistent and persistent. In fact, all stories will have answers, but before she gets the answers she wants, she resists her temper and keeps her original intention.


She is now an "independent musician"

‘Lovers’-calling you like this

Gently say no more

Like a song back from the night

To separate, just separate "


Friends who like folk songs are almost familiar with this song.


The sexy voice is wrapped in delicate emotions and feelings, isolated from the greasy rejection of sweetness, leaving only the purest and true emotions. The blindfolded boy was finally seen by the public.

At the age of 24, he made the first album of his life.


On April 14, 2018, Su Yuyang's first stop of the national tour in 2018 ended in Beijing Jinjin Wine Livehouse. Fans rushing from all directions are full of people standing under the stage.


She wrote on Weibo:

"I just wanted to find myself. I still need time to sculpt myself. Good things can come later, but when the mature body is strong enough, the good things can last longer. I cherish myself for being clean now. In the state of creation, there are some things, as long as it can come, it is worth it, and why not later. "


All ordinary unremarkable persistence is her last uncommon foreshadowing.


After finishing the arrangement of the parents, the teacher's suggestion, Su Yuyang, next, take his dream and walk forward proudly to find his most appropriate and comfortable state and role between life and ideal


When you really desire something, the world will help you.


Susu said that she loves Kailuak ’s passage in “On the Road”:

"I have loved to follow people who have made me interested in my whole life, because in my mind, the real people are crazy, they love life, chat, not showing their edge, hoping to have everything, they never tire, Not to talk about ordinary things, but to keep emitting sparks like a wonderful yellow Roman firework. "


She firmly believes in how important it is to stick to the lifestyle you like and do what you want to do.


When TYMA contacted Susu and decided to become a music partner with Susu, she also saw the flash point in her body. The music is always changing or responding to everyone who treats it with heart.

The TYMA guitar and Susu are connected by music, guitar, and the same love. This kind of sympathetic relationship is pure, wonderful, and worthy of being cherished.


TYMA guitar hopes that she can take her original intention and insist on creating more music, and also hopes and looks forward to more and more people who love guitar and music, don't let her hobby be covered by the efficiency and utility of modern life Let love continue to strengthen your passion for the world.


TYMA hopes that everyone will not spend time, find a love thing, and do it without hesitation.

The TYMA guitar has been there and creat sounds with you.