90% of guitar hero dreams started with Dreadnought guitar


The Dreadnought guitar has always been loved by the majority of guitar lovers. As the standard classic guitar body, the most popular type of acoustic guitar, it is suitable for almost any musical style.


It is reported that almost all guitar lovers have held the "fatty" Dreadnought guitar. Let's let the editor take you to review this "ten thousand fans" guitar type.



The Dreadnought guitar is the most common type in the guitar, thanks to its large and thick barrel body, large resonance box, large volume, strong resonance, and thick bass.

Martin guitars among the world's top three acoustic guitar brands most often use the Dreadnought size to make guitars, especially suitable for friends who love classic sound, suitable for playing and accompaniment.


 Source of Dreadnought

In 1916, C.F Martin designed the epoch-making Dreadnought body at the request of musical instrument retailer Oliver Ditson.


The Dreadnought body uses a larger resonant cavity, and at the same time expands the waist width of the two resonance sections, making the Dreadnought have a higher volume, more abundant bass and a wide sound field performance.


In line with the popular form of playing guitar accompaniment and vocals at the time, the high degree of fusion between the strings also catered to the gradually emerging method of string sweeping.

Then Dreadnought guitars were well received in the market. In 1931, Martin began to sell Dreadnought guitar under his own brand. In 1960, Gibson launched the "Hummingbird", after which all major guitar manufacturers began to join the production of Dreadnought guitar.


The role of the body shape in the formation of guitar sounds

To distinguish between different body shapes, we are mainly based on the shape and size of the body shape, the thickness of the box, and the degree of curvature of the waist.


The size and thickness of the body determine the air volume and sound reflection speed inside the cabinet.


The large-area panel has larger amplitude, lower vibration frequency, and open and deep sound. Because of its large contact surface, it can drive more air vibration, and the sound we hear is fuller. Conversely, when the area of the panel is reduced, its amplitude is reduced and the frequency is accelerated, and the sound becomes high, and the sound is more concentrated due to the small contact surface.



The reason for the thickness of the body is similar. The thicker the body, the more air it can hold, and the more profound the resonance transmission; the thinner the body, the faster the speed of sound reflection, and the clearer the sound we hear.


The shape of the body is usually determined by the ratio of the upper and lower parts of the waist. The existence of the waist is mainly to change the way the vibration moves in the guitar box. The more obvious the waist, the better the effect of gathering the intermediate frequency, and the sound is more concentrated and clear.


The characteristic features of the Dreadnought are the large box and the inconspicuous waist.

The body is large and deep, which means that the volume is loud and low. The sound is thicker than other body shapes. Therefore, it was very popular when rock and bluegrass music became popular, which is why Dreadnought body are so popular today.



Since its establishment, TYMA Guitar has been adhering to the extreme patience, slowly adhering to the craftsmanship of fine and small amount, and insisting on creation. Over the past ten years, several classic Dreadnought guitars have been continuously introduced. Let me show you the following ~

TYMA guitar classic D-type guitar model


HDC-350 Series


The network solid top guitar is specially tailored for beginners, and is highly recognized by beginners for its excellent feel and high cost performance.


Smooth feel, warm tone, S series uses Sitka solid top, mahogany back side; M series panel uses Mahogany solid top, back side is also mahogany, both use traditional X-shaped sound beam, traditional 14 Dovetail slot connection technology at the product department.




D-3C Series

For young users, the value of face is justice. This colorful series is so popular because it conveys the enthusiasm of guitar lovers.


The D-3C series is full of design and is different from the traditional guitars in the past. It is a boutique list with the theme of colorful, gorgeous, fashionable and young.

The original intention of the design is to allow young people to have the first guitar both inside and outside to make people reluctant.



It is the first to launch the main color-cleaning process products in China, mainly coral green, snow blue and other colors, followed by black bamboo black, nebula purple, Chinese red, amber yellow, etc., each color has a unique personality direction.


This series led the color frenzy in the domestic guitar industry.



In terms of configuration, the panel adopts AA North American Westika spruce veneer, African mahogany back side panel, Indonesian rosewood used for fingerboard and piano code, and T-200 pickup can be added to fully satisfy guitar enthusiasts. Various needs.





Every return and upgrade to the classics means precipitation and growth. It is the beginning of self-focus.

Rustic, low-key and without losing quality, D-10 and D-20 prove themselves with strength.



These two guitars return to the original color of the guitar and choose the most classic model. Among the single guitars with 2000 yuan and above, they have excellent workmanship and vocal performance, especially suitable for advanced partners.




V-30E Eye of wisdom All solid guitar


TYMA V series Dreadnought guitar has been praised and recognized by many consumers since its listing at the 2018 Shanghai Music Exhibition, and it has become a star product in the TYMA all-solid guitar.



V30 is a guitar designed with the theme of "Eye of Wisdom". The body of the guitar top adopts abalone shell + solid wood to embed the elements of the theme of wisdom eye. When you see the first sight of the V30, I believe you will be attracted by the sharp "eye of wisdom" at the end of the fingerboard.


  • Sound hole inlay-a combination of multiple semi-circular white shells and colorful shells, which has the effect of transforming with the fingerboard.

  • Bridge- has exquisite shell inlays, paired with white studs.

  • Guitar body- also uses abalone shell inlay.

  • Ebony fretboard-A large piece of abalone shell as a sound point symbol, the vision extends to the head of African ebony decoration.



V30 adopts the most advanced precision gear ratio knob in the industry.

The 1 ~ 6 strings have scientific gear ratios, making the tuning more smooth and delicate, and the pitch stability has been improved by more than 50% compared to ordinary string buttons.



The overall sound of V30 is thick, warm and sweet, with good balance between high and low frequencies.

Half depends on the combination of its materials. The Soild Engelmann Spruce is combined with the back side of the Mahogany. The other half is based on TYMA's latest sound design. It further improves the traditional Dreadnought body, giving the V30 an irreplaceable sound characteristic


I believe that the friends have a certain understanding of the history and timbre characteristics of the Dreadnought type. Finally, what kind of barrel type guitar is selected? Welcome the small partners to buy different models of the Dreadnought type according to their own preferences and playing habits TYMA guitar.